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Art Schooled

Much like Clowes’ Ghost World (1997), this is an entertaining, cutting commentary on outsiders who long for a unique and distinguishing experience but who are never satisfied once they finally attain it. This hilarious and poignant takedown of art-school culture is a great fit for the artistically inclined among the new adult crowd. —BooklistCoe has a good-natured satirical touch...The artwork here is quite crisp. Coe has an excellent grasp of comics, color, and design...I definitely look forward to what else Mr. Coe has to share with us.—Comics Grinder[Art Schooled] is well suited for the alternative comix fan and indie comix lover, especially those who like autobiographical comics. […] There’s a lot packed into the graphic novel, an inundation of experience and observation, and some very imaginative uses of page layouts that make Coe someone to keep your eye on as his professional career sets off into full-length work. —Bleeding CoolOverall, I think Coe’s storytelling is really clean and clear, and his panels play off the previous one really well, flowing intuitively, one to the next. […] Coe makes good use of the collage, and taken as a single meta-image, these pages look fantastic. They’re striking and dynamic—a genuine joy to look at. As a single, static image, they really sing. […] His pages have an interesting texture to them that I’ve been racking my brain for days trying to figure out how to describe. It feels influenced by the “alt comics” giants like Clowes, Ware, Xaime, but it doesn’t feel derivative of them; there are little flits and flutters, small details that hint at what his influences might be. […] I could point to a number of other cartoonists whose work kind of sort of resemble Coe’s, but no one of those would effectively describe Coe’s rendering or storytelling. They would fail to communicate the little tics and flourishes that make up something as multi-faceted as Art Schooled. And quite honestly, the small size of Jamie Coe’s body of published work is confounding, because this is the kind of work typically reserved for a more experienced cartoonist.—This Is InfamousBlessed with a vivid cartooning style, Coe’s work has the feel of a Jamie Hewlett/Bryan Lee O’Malley hybrid, its bizarre characters distinguishable and lively, decked out in post-apocalyptic coloring that emphasizes their youthful otherness.—Loser CitySingular voices, those we recognize specifically for their difference, are noteworthy and rare. Jamie Coe has that kind of voice. […] Art Schooled matters because it’s personal; a testimonial that stands its ground against the disposable nature of more mainstream comics […] Art Schooled rings true both in experience and execution and that’s why comics needs more Jamie Coe comics.— Comics BulletinAs a work of art itself, Art Schooled is gorgeous and allows Coe to show off everything he likely picked up during his time in school: color theory, page design, typography and, of course, cartooning. Every page is carefully thought out, with a superb use of different color palettes and title designs for each vignette that makes up the book. This is a really accomplished first book from an up and coming star.—Mental FlossJamie Coe’s Art Schooled is a weird trip through four years in the hallowed halls of his college, where he learned how to draw comics. If the book itself is to be believed, ART SCHOOLED started as a school project in which Coe chronicled his time in school and the people he met there --- much to their chagrin.—Graphic Novel ReporterI don't even know where to start with this book. It was weird and it was hilarious, and I am so glad that I read it. I was laughing so much throughout this book. It was so blunt and sarcastic, and I just couldn't stop laughing...The art was beautiful. The story was magnificent. —Belle's Beautiful BooksWhile Coe’s art does invoke a lot of the previous generation of indie-comics masters (you know who I’m talking about), he does shine with his ability to capture personalities through fashion and body language. His faces have a life of their own, revealing raw emotions clearly. But the most striking part of Art Schooled is Coe’s inspired use of color and layout mark him as a distinctive talent. […] Coe definitely understands the emotional language of comics. As his first full-length graphic novel, Art Schooled announces Jamie Coe as an exciting talent. This book is fun. It will be even more fun to see what he does next. —Comicsgirl

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